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New: 2nd edition Astrological Foundation of the Christ Myth Book Four

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Solar Symbolism In Life Of Christ

Lifting The Gnostic Veil

The Secret Origins Of Judaism

The Astrological Foundations Of The
Christ Myth, Book One

The Astrological Foundations Of The
Christ Myth, Book Two

The Astrological Foundations Of The
Christ Myth, Book Three

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What is Astrotheology?

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   The Astrological Foundations Of The
     Christ Myth, Book Four


Title: The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse In Astrotheology

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Title: What is Astrotheology, and How it Developed Title: Cosmic Symbolism of the Garden of Eden Myth Title: Proof That Jesus Christ was a Sun God

Biblical Writings are largely based on ancient mythology, which in turn, is significantly rooted in Astrotheological Symbolism. Astrotheology is a reflection of the science of Astronomy, hence, at least, a fundamental understanding of the basics of Cosmic Structure will immensely enhance one’s ability to  acquire an optimum understanding of the subject matter.  In line with the objective of conveying maximum clarity for the readers of my books, I have supplied a few audio/videos below that will, I believe, help in this quest. I will add additional instructive information on astronomy and its relation to cosmic mythology as time permits.

Thanks,  Malik Jabbar